You shouldn't fly…

It’s a short story: While plexing I saw a Worm on my D-Scan. A few minutes later one of the local pirates became suspect blinky and the Wormpilot asked in Local to stop the agression against his shiny ship. The pirate honestly accept and asked for a ransom. 25Million ISK. “Wow…this is cheap, for a worm” I thought. But the answer was the most depressing I’ve ever read in local chat: ransomI warped to the beacon where they fought against each other and whored on the killmail. It was about 270 Million worth

270mill Worm

To clarify: Normally I don’t shoot targets of my own militia. Just when they’re red/orange to my corp/alliance or in special situations when they are in the NPC Corporation and acting really stupid. Flying a 70 Millionen ship with a 200 Mill fitting when you can’t pay the ransom of 25Mill ISK is stupid…really stupid.

Like this one.

Dear pilot. If you read this: Please do not fly anything what you can’t afford to loose! Thank you!

Fly safe


PS: I’m not the alt of “Alexander Alanis”. Just in case you start the crying in militia chat again…


5 Gedanken zu „You shouldn't fly…“

  1. Bahh, Killmail-Whore ! Would be much cooler to save the Militia-Brother ! In my opinion the Worm pilot show nuts, when he risked his shiny ship in FW !
    (Ansonsten find ichs ja positiv wenn sich die Frösche gegenseitig schlachten …)

    1. I know the pilot, he used to fly for my corp in Null. In his case it’s not a matter of “nuts” that led him to fly a worm in null, he’s just an idiot. Lost a few Gilas trying to rat in hostile space, fight drifters, etc…

  2. Well he tanked like a boss? He should have just killed the drones of that Tristan and he would be okay. ;D
    It’s definitly true to say dont fly something thats 10 times worth the total amount of ISK you own. But what i think is okay is if you fly something more pricey from time to time even if you cant immediantly efford to buy the same ship again after you lost it as long as you know you have enough isk left to cover your everyday usual eve pvp losses after losing said ship. I myself sometimes treat me a deadspace fitted pirate frig just do foul around and have fun, knowing that on one hand i wont be able to buy a new one after i lost it and fly again shiny and chrome, but on the other hand have enough ISK left to buy my usual T2 fitted Frigs i like to fly and lose all the time.

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