Why we fight

EVE is exploration. EVE is a journey. EVE is people. EVE is war. EVE Online is many things. But do we really know, what we are fighting for?

eve-online-asteroWhy we fight

We fight for Freedom of the Republic,
We fight for the Glory of the Empire,
We fight for the Rise of the State,
We fight for the Liberty of the Federation.

We fight for the BestofUs,
who fight for us – friends,
sons, fathers, husbands and capsuleers,
daughters, mothers, wifes and capsuleers.

We fight for every Broadcast4Reps,
for those who ask for a cyno in the darkness,
for those who are deep in structure,
we offer them a warp-out.

We fight and Care4kids,
we guide them among the stars,
we teach them to be the new generation of capsuleers,
we encourage them to be heroes and make their dreams come true.

We fight for those who carry a burden,
those who survive the trials of life,
those who just need a helping hand to get up again.
We give them a community.

We fight for ourselves,
We fight for the control over sov and moons,
We fight for ISK, power and our very own truth.
We fight in the grim certitude of being reborn.

We fight for New Eden,
we are Hurricanes and Guardians.
we are gods and demons,
we are capsuleers.

This is why we fight.

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