Things you should do before ‘Odysee’: Skills

Odysee is coming closer. On June 4th EvE will be revamped and some things will never be the same. Most grave impact on playing will be the changes of the skill requirements. Checking my plans for this skill overhaul I recognized something interesting…
This Blogpost is a failstatement. I didn’t find the clarification. Thanks to Runeme Shilter. Sorry for misinformation!
When skill changes came to topic in October 2012 CCP announced the statement:

“We change skill requirement for ships to make Eve mmore accessable and the skill progression more logical. After all….you will be able to fly all your NOW accessable ships AFTER the skill revamp.
Except for the Navy Battleships, Destroyers and Battlecruisers (whose reimbursement is detailed in the next part) all the affected ships will still be flyable even after the change with no fancy reimbursement, provided you can fly them on Tranquility right now.

The devblog can be found here:
The same Devblog told players to train for “Battlecruisers V” to get best skillpoint reimbursement payout. So far so good…we all knew this already and most have trained this special skill already and are waiting for ‘Odysee’.
But there another interesting issue with this skill changes:

Command Ships

Now the CommandShip Skill requires ALL Warfare Skills on LvL 5.
> Battlecruisers V
> Warfare Link Specialist IV
> Spaceship Command V
Nothing special in this? Well, you haven’t learned yet the necessary Warfarelink Skills to use Warfare Link Modules! This is handled via recommended Certificates, not as prerequisition. For Armourfleets it’s ‘Armored Warfare V’ to get the ‘Armored Warfare Specialist’ Skill to use ‘Armored Warfare Link – Passive Defense’ for example.
In the Devblog and posts in forums CCP Ytterbium says:

  • Information Warfare 5 skill added as requirement for the Command Ship skill
  • Armored Warfare 5 skill added as requirement for the Command Ship skill
  • Siege Warfare 5 skill added as requirement for the Command Ship skill
  • Skirmish Warfare 5 skill added as requirement for the Command Ship skill

And here we go!
Go and learn ‘Commandship I’ to fly an ‘Absolution’ and you get at last all 5 Leadership Skills at Level 5 for free, because you should fly the ship after the reimbursement too – as CCP mentioned it.
It’s around 10 days for each skill to learn, so you safe about 40 days, but keep the ability to fly all other ships you learned on the way. (HAC, Logistics e.g.)
I’m wrong?
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Fly safe

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  1. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. Skills are only checked upon injection, so you don’t need to get any of the Warfare skills added for free. This has been explained multiple times in the skill change devblog thread.

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