Things you should do before ‘Odysee’: Capital Rigs

Odysee is coming closer. On June 4th EvE will be revamped and some things will never be the same.
One of the new modules introduced with ‘Odysee’ are the new Capital Rigs. You have already a rigged Carrier or Capital Ship? Congratulations…you’re a winner….
As CCP Tallest announced here ( ) with the 19th expansion of EVE Online Capital Rigs will be introduced.
Interesting in this are the following statements:

* Manufacturing Capital rigs will use 5 times the materials of Large rigs

* Yes. Your currently fitted rigs will stay in place and keep their bonuses.

Rig me!

The conclusion of this is the following:
Your large Rigs will NOT become Capital Rigs, but they will stay in place an keep their boni as like they’re Capital Rigs. Existing large rigs on capital ships will automatically and without cost upgrade to their new capital counterpart when the patch hits.
The benefit: If you rig your capital NOW with large Rigs you will get the bonus for far less money (5 times less costs) than you will pay AFTER ‘Odysee’ patch.
And if you don’t care much for your ISK: Buy T2 Rigs and fit them to your lovely space-e-penis. Right now, when I’m writing this blogpost, T2 Rigs are already increasing in prices in Jita.
I hope this is right now. I read the mentioned Dev Post in the Forums carefully, but it’s possible I’m wrong in this like my post about “OMG you really need to get this ‘Command Ship’ – skill. Thanks again to Runme Shilter.
If I’m wrong contact me ingame or comment this blogpost.
Fly safe

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