Team Security – Clarifications

One of my favourite talks at the fanfest was the presentation of Team Security  and I really have to say, that they are awesome!

Once and for all Team Security showed flags and discussed the ISBoxer “Problem” at the EVE Fanfest. Here is a summary….

4 1/2 man*

Team Security consist currently of 4 (5) Persons who have different roles:

  • CCP Grimmi – Account Security, Payment Fraud, Anti-RMT Squad
  • CCP Peligro – Game Data Analytics, Anti-RMT Squad
  • CCP Random – Infrastructure Security and Secure Development, Incident Handling
  • CCP Bugartist – Security Processes, Concepts and Guidelines, “Wizard”, Enablement
  • CCP Arkanon is responsible for internal affairs, which is mostly affecting internal CCP-stuff. In the talk at fanfest he was only mentioned to give a complete overview over CCPs security staff.

Multiboxing and Multiplexing

During their talk at EVE Fanfest 2015 CCP Random set up a very clear definition about “Input Multiboxing” and “Input Multiplexing” and how they handle it:
They define “Multiboxing” as playing with two or more EVE clients at once

  • Sequential manual input
  • unlimited number of clients/computers
  • individually controlled gameplay

This leads to the conclusion that “Multiboxing” is allowed because:

  • interaction speed “human” (alt-Tab to switch)**
  • fair-play, no cheating, betraying, bugusing**
  • Teamplay matters in EVE**

The define “Multiplexing” as

  • 1 input gets broadcastet to X Clients
  • the targeted client in foreground or background doesn’t matter
  • the input method by hard- or software doesn’t matter

“Pay attention about what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not allowed to do” CCP Random sent out a warning about possible future workaround, like those we have seen from ISBoxer Users.
In a FAQ summary CCP Random also discussed several work-around attemps by

  • Rollover >>>> NOT ALLOWED
  • Round-Robin Input with individual delays >>>> NOT ALLOWED
  • 1 pixel square whatever-blabla >>>> NOT ALLOWED

There’s no need to change the EULA, because it’s already covered by EULA.

 “You may not use your own or any Third-Party software to modify any conteant appearing within the game environment or change how the game is played.”

So…in fact no need to discuss or complain about this. It’s simple:
When you’re using a third-party tool to control something in your EVE Client you are breaking EULA which leads to a ban. No discussion, no excuse, no need to cry about, you accept the EULA to play EVE. If you don’t accept the EULA go back to World of Warcraft…Gilneas for example….
Amusingly some people still trying to discuss in an epic threadnaught with about 203 pages of comedy posts.

It’s harvesting time for Team Security, and I’m praying every evening for them…because they are my true internetspaceship heroes….
This is for you Team Security!

In deeply love
* CCP Arkanon is fully armed and operational. The subtitle is for dramatical reasons only 😉
**if you had they joy of reading my blogpost “Ein Brief von Charadrass” you might have read about these points already…

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