Stranded II

I spent nearly 2 hours to collect intelli-data about the wormhole-inhabitants, a small 9 person Corp. Using Dotlan, the killboards and Google I managed to figure out 6 of them and add them to my watchlist. Than there was waiting. And waiting. And waiting…it became boring and I decided to continue some other works I had to do. At 12:45pm I decided to log in again…just for fun, with no idea what to do. Green light! We have green light Sir! The contactlist was still open and a little green dot highlighted a name I didn’t expect. Right klick > Open Conversation and praying the player wasn’t away from keyboard I stared to the gloomy screen. He wasn’t! And he was surprised about my question. I described my matter and asked him to scan me an exit from Wh-space. I didn’t care for the target system…just out of WH-space. After a small talk about WH and the rules to enter them (yeah..i know…the scout is first in and last out….) Revrock dropped a cargo container for me. In it the bookmark I longed for. An episode about the gentle knight Revrock is ending here, his journey will never end. Thank you very much Revrock ! You’re my personal favourite player of the month! To all pilots who meet him out there give him a wave o/ and tell this story all over New Eden. The butterfly-effect

The butterfly-effect – Revrock did it right!
6 jumps later I reached a station, with a full cargo of Arkonor. A jumpfrighter will take the 45 Mio ISK Cargo safe to High-Sec. With the yield of this Arkonor my Mining-Padawan will be able to buy his Hulk, to reach the Olymp of mining. Again I’m confirmed in my opinion the eve community isn’t as harsh and rude everyone says. This example shows, that there are pilots out in space, who are called immortal for right, who are called children of gods – butterflies with the opportunity to make any decision they want and the ability to change someones destiny with a single flap of their wings. So far, fly save Jezaja PS: This blog-post is written in english, so Revrock can read it too :)]]>

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