Oh, How Beautiful Pananan Is !

Some of you probably already noticed: This is an english post. The gentle reader already knows that this is a sign I will forward and dedicate this post to a fellow EvE capsuleer I met during my journeys. The last one was Revrock . But one after the other: I spent the last few weeks in Mining and Incursion running to get some new ideas about my EvE goals until the end of this year. I love longterm planning, and I also enjoy to knock them on the head when I’m close to execute them. The gentle reader….you know it. When I logged in this evening, I decided to run some missions “with a special kick of adrenalin”. I decided to look for Low-Sec Agents and found them in Pananan. The station there has Level 1- 3 security agents and only something between 10 and 20 jumps/h. I decided to board my shield-tanked-throw-away-Vexor and travelled there to beginn my evening. it was a perfect evening. Cat gnawed on my feets, birds sang outside, ISKies filled my wallet and standing was raising like crazy…did I mentioned the LP ? Low-Sec missions are (much) more profitable than in High-Sec, and I even had time for salvaging and looting. While I was alone in Local I didn’t need to pay much attention on D-scan. When some others jumped in or just logged in I didn’t pay attetion too. “Pffff…they need to scan me, and I’ll see their probes” Well…it wasn’t as easy as this. I noticed the red Retribution before…but a Retribution with scanner?  No way. I underestimated the situation, because ‘Seraph Minayin’ had a probing vessel in this system and only need seconds to scan me in my deadspace pocket. I was about to go afk for a minute, aligning back to the station when I recognized an unwanted guest dropping on my grid. Hammering the “Docking button” I watched him fascinated yellowboxing me nearly instantly. But Fortuna was on my side. He dropped out of warp about 25km away….yeah I know…the overheated Warp disruptor has an 24km range. Grining I recitated the ‘Kaleun’ from ‘Das Boot: ” Not yet Kameraden! Not Yet! “(Scene when he realized U-96 wont be catched by some patrolling destroyers) I docked…still smiling about my lucky escape and waited a short time. The retribution pilot left the system. I gave him additional minutes, undocked and returned to end my mission. The same moment he jumped back to the system, and jumped to my mission too. Luck didn’t left my, and I managed to jump away again. Interested in the player, who was hunting me so insisten, I checked his Bio. And ‘Tada’! You found another blogger!

Ladies and Gentlemen here is: 
I opened a convo and told him about my blog. He was very kind and flew my mission to the end, and dropped the Slaves, I had to deliver to my agent, in a bluecan right in front of the station. Thx Seraph Minayin , well played. Hope you get your shot from another pilot. If not, contact me, I’ll come back and give you a new chance to hunt me down ;). So long, fly safe Jezaja]]>

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