Gleðileg jól! – Merry Christmas! – Frohe Weihnachten! 2016

As it is tradition for this blog….

Frohe Weihnachten, Gottes Segen und ein gesundes neues Jahr !

Merry Christmas, God’s Blessing and a healthy new year!

Gleðileg jól, blessun Guðs og farsælt komandi ár!

Traditionell an dieser Stelle, das Weihnachtslied für alle Kapselpiloten (von Chris de Burgh)


As it is tradition for this blog, here comes the christmas song for all capsuleers (by Chris de Burgh)

Special thanks for a wonderful year full of EVE Online, friendship, challenges and inspiration:

Malmar Padecain – who has prooven himself on many battlegrounds this year, Exeler0n – gentle host and the most ridiculous wingman ever, thx 4 killsteal n00b Tiberius Zol – the guy who never logs in, but is about 10times richer than me, Jonathan ‘Pilgrim’ Dunbar – a future GalMil pilot, the force is strong with this one, CCP Falcon, CCP Phantom, CCP Shadowcat, CCP Bunnyvirus – you have a special place in my heart now <3 <3 <3, Julianus Soter – amazing leader and our alliance sugar-daddy, GMVA – the GalMil backbone, The G-Fleet Team – Düsseldorf was awesome, pls continue, all the german bloggers – make #evede great again!, the readers of my blog – thanks for lurking, posting, sharing, I wouldn’t run this blog without you CCP, Broadcast4Reps team and many other people I met during this year!

Godspeed and Fly safe in 2017


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