Leaked Patchnotes: Abyssal Wormhole Space

EVE Online Abyss wormholes

For over a year Triglavians are upon us now.
Now it is one step further into the future of EVE Online. CCP is introducing abyssal wormhole space in their next patch. Quadrant 2 is introducing a whole new mechanic to New Eden and will shape it forever. Testing is already available on SiSi…The Abyss is an exciting new game mechanic, which was introduced to EVE Online about one year ago. It is the homeland of the Triglavian race, who are not very amused about capsuleer showing up. Now the icelandic viking are escalating the idea of the temporarly dungeon-style of the Abyss.

Abyssal wormholes are the new exciting thing CCP give to us players. Like normal wormhole space abyssal wormhole space will have 6 types of classification and come with the benefits and drawbacks that we know from the Dungeon-versions.

What is known yet:

  • Abyssal Wormholes are stable systems for 30 days. Than they will collapse and destroy everything what is inside them.
  • Abyssal Wormholes have the same effects and drawbacks like the different tier-versions of dungeons.
  • Abyssal Wormhole space will only be accessable for players with a Triglavian Suit. Other players will experience the already known 20-minute destruction timer.
  • It will be possible to anchor any structure in an abyssal wormhole space.

That’s it so far. Hope you all enjoy your quarantine. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the first of April!

Fly safe


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