Guide: Limited Sleeper Chache

The Sleepers are coming out of their wormholes and all over New Eden you can find the Sleeper Chaches. This is how you fly a Limited Sleeper Cache…

For this site you need your Relic Analyzer AND your Data Analyzer!
The Limited Sleeper Cache has two rooms:

Room 1
The first room is hackable with your Data Analyzer. It opens an accelration gate / wormhole-thingy to the next room. There’s no loot in the first room, just the hacking miningame.

Room 2
sleeperCacheThe second room is way more exciting and feels a bit like a dungeon with several quests. Over a wide area different hackable containers are spread, eachone of them only accessable by your Relic Analyzer. In addition to this the site contains two security triggers, you have to hack before turning to the containers.

From WarpIn is on your right side (starboard) the “Remote Pressure Stabilizer”(1). When you manage to hack it with success, the glascloud at the shipwreck will be  “under control” for a few minutes (2-3 minutes), which enables you to acess the container at the shipwreck (2) . Take care! After the timer runs out, the gas cloud will deal around 90 to 100 damage every 5 seconds.
Problem 1 solved…

Your next goal is to hack the “Remote Defense Grid Unit”(3). If you’re not doing it every container will be surrounded by a forcefield, making it inaccessable until you destroy the force field generator. Also additional spawn of Sleepers and Sentryguns are reported (for the higher class Sleeper caches).
Once the Defense Unit is hacked you have unlimited access to all containers.
But beware of the Plasma Containers! Approaching them may cause an explosion and spawns a plasma cloud which deals AOE-Damage over time.

I managed to fly the side with a tanked and capstable Frigate (Astero) and got loot and a bpc worth around 150Mill ISK. Not bad for a HighSec side, which was really exciting to fly.


Fly safe

10 Gedanken zu „Guide: Limited Sleeper Chache“

  1. Schöner Guide! Hat mir in meiner erste Site gut weitergeholfen!
    Habe es in einer Helios gemacht (kein Tank), hab aus versehen ein bissl Schaden abbekommen durch die Gaswolken, aber wenn man mit dem MWD rausfliegt und die Schilde wieder aufladen lässt, gibts auch mit so einem Schiff keine Probleme

    1. Oh this is the english version of the guide, sorry
      I wrote that I did this site with my helios with exploration fitting without tank and left the place with the loot with minimal damage in armor.
      If you get damage from the gas clouds just activate your MWD and navigate in the opposite direction and let your shield recharge and try again – it’s the safes way to do
      fly safe o7

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  3. Thanks for the guide, though I only got 13 mil from the limited site. I didn’t take any damage in my Anathema by carefully piloting away from anything with the word “Plasma” in it.

  4. I doubt the BPC was worth 150M. Ive run all of the sleepers sites like 30x each of them, 95% percent of the bpc from the sleepers sites are worth nothing, and the others 5% you can only make a few millions with them. If it was a 150M worth bpc you would have said the name of it. I think you got a BPC for a item that sells for 150M, but the materials to make the item are around 150M as well, so its a useless bpc (if you want to make isk from it).

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