Get your credit card ready!

I recommend reading this Devblog first, before we continue: One point got my attention:

Here are the basic rules for the Daily Alpha Injector:
  • (…)
  • Can be purchased in the NES for PLEX or purchased for your regions real money currency via (…)
So this actually means you can buy skillpoints for your alpha-toon directly from CCPs store. This hit me (and others) like a train. Do you remember last year? About one year ago, Team Size Matters wrote a Devblog about Skill Trading and the EVE Online philosophy. One sentence stood out and was even printed in bold letters:
It’s very important to note here that this means all the skillpoints available to buy on the market in EVE will have originated on other characters where they were trained at the normal rate.  Player driven economies are key to EVE design and we want you to decide the value of traded skillpoints while we make sure there is one single mechanism that brings new skillpoints in to the system – training.
You can read the entire Devblog here: Seriously dear readers, I have no more words for this. After the Halloween massacre I was barely able to understand why CCP cut off their VR. It was harder to explain myself why they shutdown most of their community team. Why stepping back from one of the essential EVE Online philosophies/ “EVE Onlines key design” (sic!) is totally incomprehensible to me. Why? Because it is just another opportunity for microtransactions? Are CCP Teams now driven to generate as much money as possible to “stay alive” and not getting fired? No more words here. I’m currently more than dissappointed. And like I predicted in a (german) blogpost earlier: This is not the end. The silence of CCP says it all… Next steps in this dystopy are:
  • CCP Guard is leaving CCP in January or February
  • CCP will be sold to EA in Autumn/Winter 2018
  • CCP and EVE Online will be closed in 2020
  Fly safe Jezaja]]>

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  1. Stripping down their departments from not (very) profitable things (like VR) and Teams (Community Teams dont generate money, duh) is just the first step to make yourself attractive for bids.
    Keep in mind, the rumor about EA buying CCP is more persistant like that one guy in jita, quiting eve for years and try to sell his stuff. So, my fear is, that your prediction is very accurate. And that would be sad, for all players and for the people out there who love this game.
    I made the promise, on the day CCP gets bought by EA, I will unsub, uninstall and move on to star citizen (should be near end of alpha bei 2020 😀 ). Dont force me to do that CCP!

  2. I agree, it’s a step in the wrong direction to make this “Daily Alpha Injectors” available through the New Eden Store. They should be acquired only by playing the game.
    This news comes with pretty bad timing too. Just after EA got this (deserved) hell of a shitstorm that even reached some of the mainstream media.
    The rumors of EVE being bought by EA come from the fact that EA offer it on their platform Origin (just like Steam from Valve). But if you look at it there are a lot of games that use EA platform.
    Let’s hope that there is not more than a simple cooperation about their market place between EA and CCP.

  3. Good, that i have more than enough content in RL.
    Im not depending on any Alphas. Those depend on me.
    However in germany, education becomes increasingly expensive and graduation statistics show an alarming correlation with wealth.
    Do i really need to buy injectors (privateTeachers, onlineCourses, extraSeminars, StudyFees) for their and their countries future?

  4. Took them pretty long to drop the “SP only available to purchase from players that got them by skill training” promise.
    But for someone who lost his trust in that company (i.e.: me) quite a while ago that’s an expected step that was about to be made sooner or later.

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