I’ve never become victim of a bloody awox, a scam or backstabbing betrayal. In most cases it was me pulling the strings or even had a very close idea who was doing it. This weekend it happened…I lost my virginity and was awoxed!

Seriously, I really had no clue what was coming and in the aftermath I was laughing about this and left a “well played” in the local chat. It was so absolutly obvious that I didn’t see the turnout.

Tired of plexing and roaming through faction warfare I switched to my Astero and scanned for a few combat sites to fly. One of the sites escalted into highsec. (yeah….strange….)
When I entered the Pemene System there were only a few people, so I didn’t worry about my active killrights and started flying my escalation. Suddenly Local started blinking. I switched from alliance chat window to the blinking local chat and start reading the spam. A pilot cried out for help, because he was killed by NPCs and couldn’t get back his wreck. For a few minutes I watched him spamming with beggings and “SOS” calls, then I decided to help him.

We formed a fleet, and I warped to him. But wait! I’m smart! So I cloaked up and warped to him at 100km. Well…this was a good idea…until I realized that the helpless person sat 100km off the NPCs. I landed in a bulk of battleships, Cruisers, Frigates, Destroyers…literally everything that can be spawned in a COSMOS Mission. And literally everything locked me up, when I was decloaked.
Immediatly I selected something on my red blinking overview and hammered the “Warp-To” button. But it was to late.
I was scrambled and webbed and my shield and armor dropped immediatly and left me sitting back with 30% structure, which where obliterated within the next second. Booom….

“WoooooW…” I sat there with an open mouth, when I realized that the wreck of my dead Astero starts moving away, being pulled by a Tractor Unit.
A “Thanks for the Loot” in Local and I realized: This was a trap.
I logged out, being to embarrassed to do anything else, but also smiling.

This is EVE \o/

Well played, well played!

Have you ever been trapped like this?

Fly safe

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