Christmas 2021

Frohe Weihnachten, Gottes Segen und ein gesundes neues Jahr 2022!
Merry Christmas, God’s Blessing and a healthy new year 2022!
Gleðileg jól, blessun Guðs og farsælt komandi ár 2022!

This year was different to all the years we experienced before. Yet we carry on. We HTFU...

Special thanks for a wonderful year full of EVE Online, friendship, challenges and inspiration:

All the readers of my blog! Thanks for your patience, participation in comments, feedback-mails, tweets and so much more.
CCP! The Foxes! GMVA! The german EVE community! Sendriss for some cool expertise on things I never thought about. eXeler0n for being there. The inspirational Broadcas4Reps Team! The top-secret-connection-that-everyone-knows-about! CCP Team Security, Carl Laure and the “Podlinge” and many many more! Thank you all for an amazing 2021!

Now it is time for recharging my capacitor.
The “normal” BlogContent will pause for about three weeks now. I’ll be back in Mid-January. Yet, there will be atleast two amazing posts coming this way. Be prepared!

Godspeed and Fly safe in 2022


5 thoughts on “Christmas 2021”

      1. Nicht dafür. Mal sehen, ob ich das Kommentieren in diesem Jahr auch so kontinuierlich schaffe. Aber solnage du beim Bloggen bleibst…

  1. Für die Weihnachtswünsche bin ich zu spät.
    Aber einen guten Rutsch und solides neues Jahr – dafür ist nocht Zeit. 🙂

    Freue mich schon nächstes Jahr wieder hier zu lesen.

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