Umständlich ist die Mutter der Porzellankiste*

A weekend trip to the nearest wormhole system. Of course, things can go wrong. But the clever fox always has a plan B up his sleeve…even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Sometimes I’m a real fox! Yes, that also alludes a bit to my alliance “Outfoxed.” but also from a purely subjective point of view I gave myself a pat on the back again this weekend. I wanted to farm a little in the wormholes with a Navy Vexor. The Navy Vexor because I just had it sitting around and it’s quite practical for C2 with good skills. I was more interested in the adventure than in the super-rare DPS. Equipped with Mobile Depot, Scan Probes and drones, I then set off.

After a few jumps I found a wormhole that not only had C2 class, but also looked very promising from the Dscan. So into the hustle and bustle.

After about 3 hours the wormhole was farmed out. Yep…three hours. Because there were not only 14 battle signatures here, but also some Relic/Data sites to hack. My cargo was correspondingly full and valuable.
Just in time for the end of my small but lucrative excursion, a Tengu appeared on the Dscan. And a Jackdaw. And another Jackdaw. Let’s get out of here.
Right-clicking into space, I wanted to warp back and leave the WH the way I had entered it. But there was nothing. No bookmark!

The Dscan by now had a considerable number of ships in the list…and of course Combat Scanner Probes. Something told me that it would now be too much multitasking for me to scan the exit and at the same time make sure my ship kept moving safely. So I decided to log out on a safe spot. The safe log out is meant for just such cases.

Of course, I could have just waited. But at the very moment when the dialogue box told me that my character and ship were now safely logged out, I came up with a plan B.

Happy about that, I decided to go for it.

Happily, I still knew in which system the entrance wormhole was. And not far from there was a scanning alt on a station! After a few jumps I was on the spot, had scanned the wormhole and released the folder accordingly.

With a grim “yolo” on my lips, I logged back on. No sooner had the ingame interface loaded than I hammered on the dscan. Still the fleet was on site and still Combat Scanner probes were visible.

So then: right-click in Space and off to the wormhole. I had a bad feeling. And as if to confirm, my exit wormhole was becampt. But I “only” had to jump through it, which to be honest can take quite a long time. With beating heart and the EVE PVP shakes, I was finally back in safe highsec. Damn…I’ve become quite the carebear. But he’d probably have waited a few hours before logging back in, so I’m a daring daredevil! A awkward daredevil…

Fly safe

*try to translate this Mofo! 😉

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