Outside the box – WheelyWord is giving headshots with his head

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Occasionally, I venture to look outside the box. For several years now, my subscriber list has included a Twitch streamer who is not only pretty cool, but also beats me hands down at scribbl.io – and that’s saying something. WheelyWorld plays Rocket League, Call of Duty: Warzone and other games with his community and I’m not lying when I say he plays pretty smart….

The internet is like a big bazaar. Sometimes I roam around and see what there is to discover. That’s how I came across WheelyWorld WheelyWorld – Twitch) around November 2018. I was immediately impressed with him and have been popping in regularly ever since, and sometimes playing along too.

This year, WheelyWorld has been nominated for the Audience Award of the German Computer Game Prize. And now it’s up to you, my community. You could help and vote for him!

Go directly to the voting

I would be very happy if you give WheelyWorld your vote!

WheelyWorld is paraplegic due to an accident. But that doesn’t mean he has to lie in bed all day as a helpless nursing case, staring gloomily into the ceiling. Quite the opposite. When gaming, he gives his opponents a hard time… He is also active in “Gaming without Borders” and “Aktion Mensch”, and of course he works like a “normal” person.

He is controlled in the truest sense of the word “with brains”. Using various pressure sensors, he can control his game character with a mouthpiece, the Quadstick. Because talking at the same time doesn’t work, of course, Mesoep1c (aka “I’m not as stupid as YOU look like !”) and Uwaeh (aka Mr. “salty lvl 5000”) are there to support him, and the three of them form a triumvirate worth seeing.

So go EVE Community! Do your duty! Vote for Wheely!

Go directly to the voting

Gaming mit killerblick Wheelyworld Jezaja Call of Duty Warzone
Gaming mit Köpfchen: Wheelyworld trifft auch ohne Hände​

Have you ever found extraordinary gamers? Do you know NoHandsnoSchoki? Did you know that there are also some people in the German EVE Online community who are one-but not limited? Write into the comments!

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