Sleeples in Dodixie

EVE Online Dodixie

Checking the clock finally knocked my socks off. Suddenly it was 3 o’clock – in the middle of the night – or in the morning, depending on how you want to read the clock. On a weekend that might be okay, but during the week? Oh…oh…oh….

With the firm intention of finally decluttering my hangar, I made myself a cosy evening and set my sell orders one by one. But sometimes my brain is about as hyperactive as a squirrel, and while the brokers were touting my wares on the Dodixie market, I was doing a million other things on the side. Watching documentaries, laughing at Twitch streamers, reading other blogposts, flaming around in Discord, just about anything.
As we all know, the turnover of goods in Dodixie is not the fastest and so I had a lot more idle time than planned. While the station announcer babbled on in the background like a drunk explaining to the policeman that she would definitely make it home, I watched various ARTE documentaries.

At some point the teapot was empty. The chocolate too. But my hangar wasn’t. Frustrated, I looked at the clock. FUCK! It actually said three!
To be really sure, I checked the time again on my smartphone and there too a three presented its erotic curves. High time to go to bed. A quick check of my bank balance told me that I was now 500 million ISK heavier. Unfortunately, I had also sold some things for considerably less than their value, but the really fat chunk came from a Dominix that was sold for around 360 million ISK.

So…computer off, off to bed. Because in 3.5 hours the alarm clock went off….

When did you last turn night into day? This week you can win the now legendary “Scope Syndication YC122” skin for the Procurer! So get in the comments and write what keeps you awake at night!

Fly safe

9 thoughts on “Sleeples in Dodixie”

  1. Vorgestern eine Astrahus die einen Timer um 3 Uhr Nachts hatte. Da wir da aber sehr schlecht aufgestellt waren haben wir nur Bomber genommen da der Gegner eine Sim und eine Nyx hatte….naja bis 28,% Hülle hatten wir diese…tja und dann verloren wir einen Bomber nach dem anderen 😂 Am Ende waren 1,5h umsonst

    1. Dann kannst du ja jetzt “in style” die Erze für die nächsten Bomber erminern… 😀 Skin ist versendet.

  2. Mmmh, meine letzte Nacht-die-ich-mir-um-die-Ohren-gehauen-habe, und das mit EVE ist tatsächlich schon einige Zeit her. Job und Familie setzen dem echt enge Grenzen….
    Neulich habe ich aber mal ein Buch gelesen, also ein echtes, so aus Papier. ^^ Das hat auch bis eins in der Nacht gedauert. “Der kleine Hobbit”, kann ich nur empfehlen (als Buch natürlich, nicht als Film) – ist wie defragmentieren, nur fürs Gehirn.

    1. Japp, Lesen empfehle ich jedem. Vor allem Blogs 😉 Und nebenbei kann man auch mit einem coolen neuen Procurer-Skin beim Mining angeben.

  3. ..wenn ich um 2330 nochmal eine Eskalation ergattere und am nächsten Tag keine Zeit habe 🙁

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