Kourmonen, oh Kourmonen…

If the hammer does not come to the nail, then the mountain circles here! Welcome dear friends of cultivated entertainment. Make yourself a toast and wipe the cocoa beard off your face, you rookies! Step right up and marvel, because I’ve done some magic! Or at least conjured up some great explosions…

The highly competitive Bleak Lands are my hunting ground right now. And although I don’t have much time to fire a shot at all at the moment, I managed to do it last week anyway. Unfortunately I found that I’m pretty rusty at solo PVP, otherwise I could have had prevented both losses of the evening.

The first Encounter was a Navy Hookbill warping into my plex, where I had spent the afternoon with a Tristan. I was in optimal range to warp in and my five drones were looking forward to finally taking a player under fire again and not an NPC.
This worked quite well at first. Unfortunately, I was in range of the missiles, so the Hookbill was able to apply its full damage. As my (and their!) structure turned ominously red – that’s when an experienced/skilled/good pilot would probably have built up more range. The missiles would have missed, but the Tristan’s drones would have. The trick then is to look closely at what the Hookbill is doing and fly back into disruptor range at the last minute.
That’s how I always did it, and produced great killmails. Only, unfortunately, the memory of the manoeuvre was no longer so present and so I frantically clicked around hoping…yes for what anyway?
In a wonderful explosion my Tristan burned up. With a “gf” in the local we said goodbye, but inwardly I vowed revenge.
I returned with a Dragoon and now in turn promoted the Hookbill to the eternal hunting grounds.

I moved on but found nothing in the surrounding system worth shooting at. Then on the way back I found an Algos on the Dscan. Again in Kourmonen, again in the Small Site in which I lost my Tristan before and then took terrible revenge.
So into the fray we went. The surprised Algos pilot was in structure and finally in the pod before his drones were even unpacked. I think I got an alpha there. While I was still busy ferrying his loot into my hangar, a Draugur suddenly appeared on the dscan.
What the hell is a Draugur? Before I could even decide whether I wanted to fight this ship or take to my heels, the Triglavian Command Destroyer landed on the grid and took me under fire.
In the back of my mind, ex-CCP Guard shouted “Overheat everything!” and my drones also jumped into the fray.
You know what’s not in the song? “Stop overheating!”…and suddenly all my highslots deactivated. Again I was in structure…again the opponent was in structure! The yellow box signalled to me that the Neuts had done a good job and the Draugur had no more energy to continue shooting at me. But now, unfortunately, my Energy Neutralizers were burnt out, disabled and very useless.
Just as my own drones could have placed the last shot, the Draugur pilot activated his weapon and twisted 480 alpha damage into my structure. Well, thank you.
So after two kills I lost my Dragoon and again it felt a bit ungrateful – because if I hadn’t overheated my highslots for so long I would have got the kill. Yep! For sure!

So I’ve started back into Faction Warfare and hope to get some cool kills soon. But the ecosystem is already different and I especially watch out for the Dock Workers who are very active in this region.

Fly safe

3 thoughts on “Kourmonen, oh Kourmonen…”

  1. Ich habe ja keinen blassen Schimmer vom FW, aber scheinbar kann man dort spannende Fights bekommen. ^^
    Aber was zum Kuckuck ist ein Dock Worker?

    1. “Dock Workers” ist eine Piraten-Allianz die in dieser Gegen sehr aktiv ist. Die sind sehr aktiv und bisher habe ich sie nur in teuren Schiffen gesehen. Mal sehen, wie die so drauf sind. 😀

      1. Alles klar, danke. Und ich dachte schon, mir wäre ein EVE-Fachbegriff durch die Lappen gegangen. 🙂

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