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This week I have learned three important things. Firstly, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, secondly, EVE Online alpha accounts are also cool money printing machines and thirdly, you shouldn’t write blog posts at 2 o’clock in the morning…

To be honest, the past week was quite confusing. But I took away three important insights from it that definitely need to be archived in this blog so that I can remember them later and say that I did say them.

Hate for the haters

My personal favourite topic is always the ingratitude of people who get something as a gift. This week I noticed how (once again) the log-in bonuses were being talked about. That the boosters are only something for PVP players and the skins are only interesting for people who also fly the ships. Yes, the free log-in motivation doesn’t always make sense and many people have long since suggested alternative things that could be done better, for example. Divide the skins into individual skin shards that can be traded. If you have 20 pieces of skin X, then you can trade them in directly. All this has already been discussed sufficiently in various streams, blogs and in the forum. I think we should just take the log-in bonuses for what they are: A motivation to get players to log in regularly and make their day in EVE a little better. And no…these bonuses should not be “urgently addressed” and developed. There are enough other things that are much more important than your stupid idea how to make free stuff more “useful” for you and your playstyle.


We have already covered trading with an alpha account in detail in various blogposts. I never tire of linking to the EVE University, where there really is a guide to every question about trading in EVE Online, which also gives you a super good hand as an alpha account.
To cut a long story short: In the last few weeks, my alpha trader has made significant gains and that irritates me a bit. Because actually the skills are not necessarily the best and the respective taxes are also quite high. Nevertheless, the profit margin is so high that there is a nice sum left over. People are just getting lazier and lazier, which is why trade hubs are becoming more and more popular.

The early bird fails sometimes

When you write a blog post at 2 a.m., there can be one or two lapses. This happened to me at the weekend, when I was highly motivated to first save an overview of the Exigent Drone Mutaplasmids and then accidentally scheduled it for publication. Completely random, just like that the next day. Confusius says hello when I suddenly saw my own blog post, which was actually intended for Thursday, in the feed of

Right now I have my nose in some cool stuff, but I’m not allowed to reveal anything yet. So if this blog post was too boring, I would like to point out two new/old blogs that have crawled out of the fog. I’m curious how long one of them will keep up blogging regularly again and the other one…well, the same.
You might still know Exanos. He has now revived his blog and at the same time tweaked the technology a bit. Good luck with importing and exporting…I know how time-consuming that is.
Biberkopf is a newcomer and already writes quite interesting things about his life in EVE Online and does a lot of things right. Well done and keep it up!

Are you also upset about the login bonuses or do you not care about them? Do you have an alpha account and are still thinking about the best way to get ISK out of it? When was the last time you were productive in the middle of the night and blew it on the last metre? I’m looking forward to your comments.

Fly safe

12 thoughts on “Confusius says…”

  1. Hallo Jezaja,

    ich habe kein Trading Alpha. Mache das mit dem Main und dementsprechend auch besseren Skills. Es ist gut zu beobachten seit der Einführung des Industrie Patches das Produktionsvolumen kontinuierlich sinkt. Das spiegelt sich ja auch dann auf dem Markt wieder. Es werden weniger Güter gehandelt und ergo ist der Preiskampf nicht so stark. Dadurch steigt für Trader die Marge. Das ist zumindest meine Beobachtung.

    Fly Safe

    1. Guter Gedanken.
      Ich handele hauptsächlich mit Meta-Gegenständen. Ankauf am Missionhub, Verkauf im Tradehub. Profit.

  2. Ich nehme die einlog-boni wie sie kommen. Mal machen sie Sinn, mal eher weniger. Die täglichen 5k Skillpunkte sind ganz nett und die ab und an herausdringenden Booster haben mir schon echt den Hintern gerettet.

  3. Für einen winzigen Moment schoss mir Adrenalin ins Blut, weil ich schon dachte, dass du auf meine neue Website verlinkst, obwohl ich die nur einer Person bisher gezeigt hatte haha

    1. Waaas?
      Und ich hab sie noch nicht sehen dürfen?
      Ehrlich gesagt habe ich angenommen, dass es schon fertig umgestellt wäre.

      1. Ne, das dauert noch, keine Ahnung ob ich es dieses Jahr noch schaffe.
        Gerne kann ich dir aber per E-Mail den Link dazu geben

  4. Hi Jezaja,

    warum man sich über kostenlose Sachen aufregen sollte war mir schon immer schleierhaft. Ich betrachte das ja eher aus der Richtung “Free stuff is good stuff”. Wenn das Goddie mal nicht so gut ausfällt ignoriere ich es und wenn es gut ausfällt freue ich mich. Die 5000SP pro Tag sind auch ganz nett 😀
    Man mit Alphas wunderbar Dinge testen und in verschiedenen Dingen können die auch richtig Iskies scheffeln.

    Fly Clever

      1. Leider ist die T1 Schiffe Produktion nicht lohnend, dementsprechend ist der elendige BPC sinnfrei. Entweder ich erhöhe die Runs damit der der 10%ME Sinn macht oder ich gehe BPCs raus die wertiger sind. Bestimmte T1 Module oder gleich T2. Warum nicht auch einmal Sill Bücher. Die kann man zumindest immernoch handeln…

  5. Sich über die Einlog-Boni aufzuregen finde ich auch recht müßig.
    Solange man keinen Cloak fitten will, kann man mit Alphas auch ganz nett Hacking-Sites machen.
    Der Gewinn hängt dann eher davon ab, wo man sich so ohne Cloak hintraut – und den eigenen Nerven natürlich.

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