[Fan-Fiction] Stolen Heart

It was a short scene in the very new “Your year in EVE” video, that caught my attention. CCP Mirage and Zorya Triglav standing together and talking in the Pulse Bar! Oh yes! Is everyone dream becoming true? Will this be the engagement of the upcoming season of EVE Online? Who knows?!
I asked you fellow capsuleers for a short story about what happened this evening. Here is the winners’ submission!


Purple neon laser lights scattered, music pumped, and drinks flowed, the Pulse bar was the place to be tonight. Mirage looked across the dance floor with a smile on his face. It had really come into it’s own the past few months, but he’d still not sampled the “experimental” section of the drinks menu, he wanted to remember this night.
He could see the regulars, the President of the Federation, busting moves as if there was no one around. The Empress of the Amarr, enthralled in conversation with several capsuleers on the subject of scriptures. And the Chairman of the State’s Chief Executive Panel, one of the main investors of the Pulse bar. He lifted his drink as he caught Mirage’s gaze, giving a knowing nod towards a hooded figure standing on the edge of dance floor.

Zorya Triglav, Executive Troika of the Triglavian Collective. He didn’t expect to see them here, but he was not disappointed. Staring in their direction he didn’t notice Akimaka sneak up beside him.

“Go, prove your flow, as they say.” he said, nudging Mirage’s back with his free hand.

Taking a deep breath, he snatched a random drink off a table and strode over.

“So… my heart must be a star, because you’ve stolen it.” he chuckled.

“Your proving needs work. We speak for the Convocation of all that have heard that pickup line before.”

The silence lingers between them for a few seconds before giggling could be heard from behind the mask.

“So Sledgehammer wasn’t wrong about the Collective, there is more to you that meets the eye. If only I could see your face, then I could get to know you better.”

Zorya begins to step towards him in time with the music, approaching until his reflection is staring back at him. “There are more ways to understand a person than just their face.”

Resting their arms over his shoulders, they lean into Mirage and whisper. “How about I show you?”

And so they begin to sway in time with the music.


This fan fiction is written by capsuleer Julian Flavour and is published as winner submission for the fan fiction competition for Jezaja’s Giant Secure Container.

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  1. Hallo Jezaja,

    coole FanFiction von Julian Flavour 🙂 Das macht irgendwie Lust auf mehr.

    Fly Clever
    Zarah Arkaral

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