A loan from the pirates

What an unexpected outcome. The day before yesterday I got a ship as a gift! Unfortunately, it was only a shuttle, but the gesture was very nice and very surprising.

Sometimes things don’t go the best way in the lives of capsule pilots and then comes the awakening in the new clone. For [reasons] that I won’t go into at this point, that’s exactly what happened to me the day before yesterday when I jumped through a gate with the capsule and well you know: smartbomb.
As expected, I woke up in my home station, but unfortunately it was not in Eszur – our current base, but in Vlillirier – our old base. Whew, flying 20 jumps back? So I bit the bullet and made the long journey to my current real home.

In Pynekastoh, I was greeted with a surprised o7 in the local. One of the resident pirates had recognized me. And immediately came the hint that traveln with the capsule is actually not so safe. Actually, I didn’t really feel like talking, but I didn’t want to be unfriendly either, so I explained to him that I was going to dock at the next station or citadel, and from there I wanted to continue with the free corvette.

But I did not count on the hospitality of the local pirates. Amidst great and almost effusive compliments, our merits were highlighted and our departure from Pacid/Black Rise was regretted. The pirate then asked me to warp to the Sun so that I could board the shuttle he had placed there for me.

At first, of course, the alarm bells went off…yep, to 0 to the sun and there also waiting “for the lulz” the smartbombing proteus. But after a few placating words I warped then really to the sun.

And indeed! A Gallente shuttle drifted pilotless through space.
With a shrug, I boarded the ship and thanked it artfully. With a bit of a sense of home and warmth of heart, I set off for the Minmatar war zone.

14 Day Return Limit

One of my alpha characters was given the special task of returning the shuttle. Because borrowed is borrowed and not given.

When was the last time you received unexpected help? Was it help at all or more like a diplomatic handkerchief being waved around? I’m eager to hear your comments!

Fly safe

2 thoughts on “A loan from the pirates”

  1. The last time someone helped me out with something small was very recently: We moved into a new staging citadel with the corp.
    And as moving always is: You forget at least one thing you need to put on your ship.
    This time it was a Medium Capacitor Booster II which I needed for my Vexor Navy Issue – a classic brawling fit.
    I posted a screenshot of my ship hangar in the corporation discord with the comment “almost everything set up”. And someone read the name of my VNI: “Lacks t2 cap booster”. The next day I found one of the correct size contracted to me. 😀

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