A bad Omen

You can discuss ship fittings in EVE Online endlessly and brood forever over which weapons to equip now. It’s actually strange, because it used to be completely different…

In the past… back when I started with EVE Online, fitting ships was always a necessary evil before undocking. Weapons on, armour, prop mod – it was all easy, especially when you only had a limited number of skill points and could therefore only fit a limited number of weapons, armour and prop mods. The financial aspect also played a role, the ship should not only be as efficient as possible, but also as cheap as possible. So my Westphalian thriftiness “back then” made its way into space.

Today, however, and I don’t want to brag about this, it happens to me again and again that I fall into a kind of “overthinking”. Long-range weapons or rather brawlers. Which ammunition is the best, and should I maybe add a salvager in case I come across something cool?
I remember taking day trips into a wormhole. With a Myrmidon or Vexor just into the fray and with an unshakable bob confidence I had a Probe Launcher with me in very few cases.
Today I think of the trial launcher. But I have to take it offline or just leave it in the cargo. But then I also have to take a Mobile Depot with me. Oh, if I have a Mobile Depot with me, then I might as well take four Salvagers with me.

And maybe a Warp Disruption Bubble as a backup? Question after question, ending in an infinitely long spiral of thought. Damn, is this the lot of the old and wise? That I actually think way too much?

That’s what happened to me last weekend. When I noticed after 20 minutes that my Omen was still not properly fitted, I took a breath and then just screwed away, even though I had no idea what I wanted to do. So a module found its way onto my ship that I definitely wouldn’t have installed if I had read its name beforehand.

It ended up being a kind of mission-running fitting that I “wanted to do something with”. So I jumped to “somewhere” with a filament and ended up in Catch.
The first three systems were empty. I helped myself to the ESS banks and picked up a few tokens, each of which I moved into an Asset Safety on the spot. Talon Karrde aka Knight Errant is simply right. It can get expensive, but it’s a lot more relaxing when flying around.

In the next system I checked the Belts and found an MTU whose owner must have preferred to dock. No doubt, the reputation of Jezaja, the wicked space pirate bank robber, seemed to have already reached the local inhabitants.

Next to another MTU stood a gnosis that was obviously…yes what actually? Chilling? With a great hurrah, I opened fire. The gnosis returned fire but had tracking problems. Only when the pilot remembered that he probably also owned drones did the tide turn and even an overheated repper could not save my Omen.
It burst into flames in a beautiful explosion…the Gnosis had already shot down to 20% structure.


The fight would definitely have been different if I had kept my drones busy with those of the Gnosis and just kept sloving around the battlecruiser. But unfortunately I was probably already a bit out of practice. So I definitely need to filament into 0.0 more often….

Fly safe

4 thoughts on “A bad Omen”

  1. Hey, der Gnosis-Pilot hat sich doch bestimmt über den Repper gefreut, der ihm direkt vor die Füße gedroppt ist.
    Obwohl ich zugeben muss, dass mein Vorgehen beim Fitten sehr, naja…. “noobistisch” ist. Erst komm drauf, was immer drauf kommt (Prop Mod, DCU, Repper oder entsprechendes Schildmodul – und ja, an der Sinnhaftigkeit dieses Vorgehens kann man durchaus zweifeln), und wenn es bei der CPU oder am Power Grid kneift, wird herumprobiert. Dabei vermeide ich ganz teure Module, vielleicht bin ich geizig…?
    Früher, mit den eingschränkten Möglichkeiten, war das aber wirklich anders. Da habe ich beim Fitten zunächst in den Hangar geschaut, welche Module dann im Loot waren und was man damit machen könne.
    Dazu fällt mir eine netter Beitrag von The Greybill ein (https://thegreybill.com/2021/10/21/bob-giveth-and-bob-taketh-away/). Selbst auferlegte Ressourcenknappheit sorgt zumindest beim Fitting für eine gute Übersicht der eigenen Möglichkeiten. ^^

  2. Welches Modul hat denn nun den Weg auf die Omen gefunden das du sonst nicht gefittet hättest…du lässt uns in Rätseln zurück 😛

    1. Der Armor Repper ist so teuer wie der Rest des Schiffes inklusive Hülle. Ich habe nur “Medium” und das Armor-Rep Symbol gesehen und mir gedacht “Ja, ist ok, bauste drauf….”
      Naja, jetzt kann sich der andere darüber freuen 😀

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