The early bird….not

EVE Online Screenshot Container floating in space

Droling a round in the Faction Warfare Zone before breakfast? Who reads my blog more often, knows that “in the morning at 6” the world is still in order. With the best of intentions, I’m out extra early that day too….

I’m an early riser. With a cup of tea and baggy pants is in the morning at 6 the world really still in order. I’m somehow missing only the cat…but maybe that will come soon. Freshly showered and relatively awake I decide for a short Roam around Eszur. My Tristan is also already hot for a kill.
But unfortunately the region is like extinct and disappointed I turn around after 10 jumps and fly back again.
There! On the DScan an Atron is to be seen.

While I desperately struggle with the directional scanner, an art I still haven’t mastered after more than ten years of EVE Online, my tea has gone cold again. Irritated, I turn the directional scanner to the individual sites, but nowhere does the Atron appear.
The Celestials remain as the last possibility. So I scan dutifully really every custom office. But also here I do not find anything.
Then the sun.

There stands the Atron. With a grin I hammer the warp button and land almost directly in the optimal range for my warp scrambler. A quick push with the microwarp drive and the Atron is in the tackle. I go to a safe distance and throw…

…wildly clicking around in my interface. Where the hell is the drone window?
Then I realize that I don’t have any drones with me. The Atron also makes no effort to do anything and is obviously AFK. Oh great. I couldn’t have imagined a better start to my day.

I then just left the Atron and didn’t fly there again either, after equipping this Tristan and all the other Tristans with drones in my home hangar. Lastly, updated the fitting library. Hopefully next time I will have drones with me.
If I think about it right, this is actually a second blog post on the theme of the month. Over 15 jumps in a drone boat without drones is really quite an accomplishment. Maybe I wasn’t asleep and awake after all.

Fly safe

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