CSM 16 – Election ballot

In a few hours you can vote for the CSM 16. I’ve given it some thought and listed my top 5 candidates for you.

The CSM is supposed to help CCP to consider all possible aspects BEFORE changing a game mechanic. There have been years where the CSM has only had a token function, some say it has no real impact on the game.
But I believe it does. It is particularly noticeable when again Goonswarm members benefit from changes or “accidentally” benefit from other economic things.

I have chosen my candidates because you are independent of the 0-blocks and stand out mainly because of special knowledge around the game.

1 – Teddy Gbyc.
2 – Suitona
3 – Vincentovich Madeveda
4 – Stitch Kaneland
5 – Jurius Doctor
There are a few other names I will use my remaining slots for.

  • Rixx Javix
  • Mike Azariah
  • Arsia Elkin

are very good candidates you should vote for if you don’t want to support any of the big blocs.

So warp to the ballot boxes! Take your chance and participate in the only space democracy on this planet!

Fly safe

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