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Every year I pick an interesting candidates from the CSM pool and interview them. Mostly to inform my self about their motifs and ambitions, what they stand for. Teddy Gbyc is a wormholer and one of the Outfoxed CEOs, the amazing wormhole alliance which lately introduced Praxis warfare and the correct use of Target Spectrum Breakers – before they were reworked…

Some say it was Outfoxed/Foxholers who forced CCP to rework the Target Spectrum Breaker, which had a glorious role in a wormhole defense battle. Fact is, THAT they were reworked and despite this, Outfoxed is an excellent example of creativity and living in wormhole space. Here are the questions and Teddy Gbyc’s answers:

1.How long have you been playing EVE? What kind of experience do you bring when it comes to communicating to CCP? Where do people know you from?

I have been playing since 2014, with the last 5 years being in wormhole space.
People mainly know me from participating in discussions on TIS (Talking in stations), the Praise Bob discord and my general interaction with the wormhole community as a CEO/ Director/FC of different corps over the years.

2. As CSM focussing on the wormhole content on EVE: Which QoL change would be your primary interest?

My primary concern with wormhole space at the moment is the Detrimental impact of the Surgical Strike patch that was implemented at the beginning of 2021. Surgical Strike was a change last year that increased the DPS of short range ammo while also reducing resists across all ships by 20%. This had a massive and fundamental effect on wormhole space’s main form of content at the time, in the form of Heavy Armour Brawls. These brawls between C5 corps involved Multiple Capitals and the use of a FAX (Force Auxiliary) to hold the grid against the massive amounts of DPS. Now after the patch FAXes cannot hold t3’s or battleships to the extent such that these engagements are a thing of the past outside of a Wolf Rayet . Heavy Armour brawling is one of the core pieces of content for a wormhole corp and you can see the impact the effective removal of these brawls has had on wormhole space.

3. Since CCP introduced wormholes in EVE Online with Apocrypha, they went through a few iterations. Which change is still necessary to make WH more interesting for the casual player?

I believe that scanning and introducing new players to wormhole space at a much earlier point. Memes aside they are a very good place for new players to make money and find a close knit

4. Once a CCP employee said that wormholes were never intended to live in. What would you answer?

I believe later on they clarified their statement to be along the lines of “we didn’t expect players to be able to live in them”. They believed it wouldn’t be possible to keep a pos fueled with the logistical challenge that wormhole space introduced. To me wormhole space was clearly designed to be livable and we as players and wormholes adapted far faster then CCP expected.

5. In December 2014 CCP introduced Thera and shattered wormholes. The idea of a wormhole capital system was great, but did players adapt to this idea?

I think the rise of Volta and the shear scale of the whaling that happened out of Thera shows that it was a good idea and that players adapted to it very well. With Eve scout also constantly mapping connections Thera has become a true highway of fleets traveling.

Any last words?

The main reason I want to stand is to provide a voice against any changes that would negatively impact our way of life and attempt to stop us becoming “Unwilling collateral damage” again.
CCP lack the knowledge and understanding of wormhole space mentality and mechanics and that is what I seek to provide to them.


Many thanks to Teddy Gbyc for answering my questions. He has my vote although I’m not a wormholer but it is time to show CCP that there are more players out there, and not only 0.0 carebears.

Do you have questions for Teddy Gbyc? Place them under this blogpost and win one of the limited skins! 5 Procurer Scope Syndication YC122 SKINs will be raffled!

Fly safe

Read more: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/teddy-gbyc-for-csm-16/308236

6 thoughts on “CSM16 Interview Teddy Gbyc”

  1. Teddy, first of all, nice job with the Foxes – I always say hi when I see you guys around.

    What are your views on more visitors to J-Space, more precisely – how do we attract new players to the wormholes, without increasing the amount of WH connections.

    Sadly, I could go for days without an engagement for solo/small gang – it was either empty or a known WH group like you. And praying on explorers gets dull pretty fast 😊

    I know Rixx advocates for LS, and you for WH which is my two main areas in EVE. I just need some more initiative in WH to still find it enjoyable. I need more day trippers, and not just Herons and Ventures

  2. (und für die Deutsche Piloten)

    Teddy, erst mal gute Arbeit bei den Füchsen – ich sage immer Hallo, wenn ich euch sehe.

    Was denkst Sie von mehr Besuchern von J-Space, genauer gesagt – wie ziehen wir neue Spieler in die Wurmlöcher, ohne die WH-Verbindungen Anzahl zu erhöhen?

    Leider konnte ich tagelang ohne Piloten für solo/small gang gehen – es war entweder leer oder eine bekannte WH-Gruppe wie Sie. Und das Beten auf Entdeckern wird ziemlich schnell langweilig 😊

    Ich weiß, dass Rixx sich für LS einsetzt, und Sie für WH, das sind meine beiden Hauptbereiche in EVE. Ich brauche nur noch etwas Initiative in WH, um es trotzdem angenehm zu finden. Ich brauche mehr Tagesausflügler und nicht nur Herons und Ventures.

    (und, ich entschuldige mein deutsch, es ist Nicht meiner erste Sprache 😉)

  3. How should wormholes and null be linked for better cooperation? Usually the only Major interaction is currently wormholers coming out for hunting or null sec owners rolling any wormhole that pops up. Maybe wormholes that can only be Rolled/ passed in one direction?

    1. My Username Teddy comes from back before i was even a teenager , I signed up to Runescape and my sister suggested teddy, its stuck and has been my username since 😀

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