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This month is somehow full of problems. Somehow I don’t have much time to play EVE, but I think I’ve used it pretty well…

When you spend more than 5 years just shooting at other players, you occasionally become more reckless towards NPCs. This happened to me when I was out with Dark RainLady and eCore to fly a few missions.
Because all the fun was about 17 jumps away from my home station, I quickly decided to go over with an Interceptor. On the spot, I was handed a Gnosis, which was a little lightly equipped with Meta4 weapons.

But my personal highlight was the Target Painter. Together with the beam lasers, it didn’t make much sense in the set-up that someone had put together at some point.

I rushed into the individual missions accordingly. What could go wrong? Quite a lot, if you just shoot away and the reinforcements aren’t there yet. Continuously, first the shield, then the armor and finally my structure dropped to 50%. At this point DarkRainLady’s Paladin and eCore’s Dominix had already landed, but NPCs always shoot at the target that was there first and eats up the most damage. In this case, that was my Gnosis. “I have to go out for a while…” was all I could say at that moment and fortunately no one had noticed how my ship was doing…or at least said nothing.
The evening ended with Kruul and the Damsel in Distress – which Pleasure Hub do you have to shoot down again? Never mind, you take the right one I’ll take the left…Chaos unfolds in 3, 2, 1….

By the way, I also gave DarkRainLady a run for her money in my last “in Structure” interview. (GERMAN! NO SUBTITLE)

You can find DarkRainLady’s stream on Twitch. (Darkrainlady – Twitch) Here she also plays other games from time to time and sometimes you can hear me saying “I didn’t do that!” when our Sunderer in Planetside2 goes up in flames or when I win the UNO boss fight in tabletop games.

So it’s worth having a look!

Fly safe

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  1. Schönes Interview. Das Format gefällt mir wirklich.
    Die Audioqualität finde ich jetzt aber nicht schlimm, waren es etwa 20 Störgeräusche? Mich stört es jedenfalls nicht, aber vielleicht bin ich nur genügsam. Ich habe ja auch noch einen Schallplattenspieler.

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