3 reasons why Thursday evening is the best time to play EVE

Is it still worth starting with EVE Online? The answer to this question is “Yes”. As a rule, it’s always worth starting with something new. But I think that timing is much more interesting than the starting and after careful consideration, Thursday evening has emerged best time to play EVE Online. There are various reasons for this and it affects PVE players just as much as PVP players. And I have also included a bit of meta…

Right from the start. Of course you can play EVE Online every day – whenever you feel like it. But experience says that Thursday evening is a really good time to play EVE if you want to generate enough content for a rainy weekend. By the way, it doesn’t matter at all whether you prefer to be a PVE, industrialist or a PVP player.

The PVE goggles

Huh? Why should Thursday evening be particularly suitable? Quite clearly: every juicy loot you discover, you can sell on the weekend. This is especially interesting for PVE players who are on the flying in the Abyss sites. Here, filaments play an important role. If you take a look at the market data, not only the demand for “normal” dungeon filaments increases at the weekend, but also the demand for Proving Ground filaments. These PVP arenas are particularly interesting because, in addition to the ship restrictions, there are also module restrictions. So there is a good buyer market here for the meta-modules that normal PVE players can find in the missions. The best example is the IFFA Damage Control, which is not only in high demand in the normal PVP ecosystem, but is also used when fitting prooving ground ships.

The Industry eyes

The Belts in EVE are always particularly empty on Thursday and Friday, so no reason to mine there. So if you don’t have a moon, you’ll have to look for something else to do. Clever industry players have their eyes especially on the weekend. This is the period when most goods are sold over the counters in Jita or Amarr or in any other trade hub. Thursday evening is therefore particularly suitable for bringing all the stuff you have produced and all the minerals you have mined during the week to the trade hubs and putting them up there for a suitable price. The chance of getting rid of everything is relatively high. If you then leave the character there until the weekend, you can also enjoy low purchase prices on Saturday evening, because by then everyone will have put their stuff on the market. Before prices return to a normal level on Sunday evening, you can secure one or two bargains.

The PVP glasses

For many years we have had TTT , the Thirsty Thrasher Thursday, at Faction Warfare. This started out as a Drinking Fleet. Imagine a gate camp of 30 or more thrashers shooting at anything that can be switched on fast enough. After each successful shoot down (or if you were shot down yourself) you were allowed to drink. You can imagine how exhausting Friday was. However, this gate camp always caused various dramas, which mostly escalated via the diplomatic channels and social media, so that by Saturday at the latest, one could no longer save oneself from pings, because various people still had a score to settle. Generally speaking, a PVP kill on Thursday night is a great thing. If you post the killmail and a few “encouraging” words on social media or on reddit, you then have another day to really heat up the mood and arrange a duel in the sun for the following evening.
Another key word is timers. If you knock on a citadel or custom office on Thursday evening, you can look forward to a second round, which, depending on the timer set, will then culminate sometime on the weekend.
Wardecs also start after 24 hours, so with a declaration on Thursday evening you can already set the roadmap for the hopefully rainy weekend.

So there are plenty of reasons why you should play EVE Online on a Thursday night. For MEta reasons, of course, this blogpost will also appear on a Thursday evening…clever, isn’t it? 😉

Do you also think that Thursday evening is a good time to play EVE? I’m looking forward to hearing your take on things. This month there will be a Raven skin for your comments.

Fly safe

10 thoughts on “3 reasons why Thursday evening is the best time to play EVE”

  1. Eigentlich ist jeder Abend ein guter Abend um Eve zu spielen. Vom Gefühl her kommen aber am Freitag die meisten Roamingflotten durchs 0.0

  2. Naja, Donnerstag für PVE ist schon nicht schlecht.
    Immerhin ist am Donnerstagabend das “Missionrunning for Noobs” – obwohl andere Community-Fleets an manch anderen Abenden ja auch laufen. Es spricht aber auf jeden Fall für den Donnerstag.

    1. Siehste….der Loot vom Donnerstag, wird Freitag nach Jita geflogen und am Wochenende verkauft. Mein Reden!
      Raven Skin ist raus…

  3. Vor allem der Minmatar Space hat aufgrund des Events gestern gebrannt, gefühlt waren 10+ Leute in jedem Local und das im LowSec….

  4. Da ich selbst mehr im Bereich Exploration unterwegs bin, und auf meine Heron meist ein paar Autocannons drauf baue, ist das Wochenende meine bevorzugte Zeit. Dann läuft man nämlich mehr potenziellen Opfern über den Weg (Mal von den Events wie aktuell abgesehen). Unter der Woche kann man mehr die Vorbereitungen (PI, PVE, Handel etc. unternehmen, um dann am Wochenende ein gut gefülltes Wallet zum verbraten zu haben

  5. Jupp Donnerstag Abend ist nicht schlecht. Die Argumente passen. Es gibt so einige Zeiten die “passen”. Morgens früh um 7 z.B für nen kleinen Trip ins 0.0. Die Russen schlafen ihren Rausch aus hihi. Ahh ja. Als ich früher noch im Hisec geminert hab bin ich immer in Systeme ohne station geflogen. Zb. in Tash Murkon um Hath herum. Dort waren die Belts auch Freitags noch voll weil die Jungs zu faul zum Haulern waren. Mit den Cita,s dürfte das allerdings auch vorbei sein. Nen raven Skin brauch ich nicht. Die fliege ich nur wenn wir mal wieder ne KS klatschen. Gib das Teil einem Neuling der Freude daran hat. Fly save.

  6. Prinzipiell kann ich den Argumenten nicht widersprechen. Allerdings bin ich unter der Woche wirklich selten online. Meine “Eve-Zeit” ist eher das Wochenende und dann auch eher der stäte Abend.so komme ich eher in den Genuss des USTZ Contents.

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