Butterflyeffect 2.0

Mr. Doomslicer wrote
You log on because you’re bored. You do some missions for isk. You pick up a couple of meta-4 1400mm cannons. You take them to a hub and stick them up for sale. A nullsec member jump-hauling things to a staging system buys a bunch of TII and meta 4 1400mms to take out, to supply a nado doctrine. Your meta 4 1400mm cannons end up being bought from the jump-hauler-trader guy (who makes a small profit on the items) by NullSecDuder1232146163161, who is still 5 days’ train from TII artillery. NullSecDuder takes his nado out in an alliance roam. Alliance roam finds a group of scrubs repairing a tower with a badly placed carrier and attacks. The carrier runs for the shield.
The carrier is 50m from the shield when it pops. Without nullsecduder’s nado in fleet, the carrier could have made it to the shield and scrubs would not have got rekt. Without your meta 4 1400mm cannons being on sale in the staging system, nullsecduder wouldn’t have been able to fit his nado, so he wouldn’t have been with the fleet. Without you looting the meta 4 1400mm cannons and selling them in the hub, the jump-hauler guy might not have been able to get enough to supply all the buyers in the staging system, leaving nullsecduder short of his fit. If you hadn’t logged on to do a mission, the carrier would have lived. The fact that pretty much everything in the game, depends on the previous actions of unknown actors, on the consequences of actions and the chains of events from them… that’s what blows my mind.
Well done ! @Doomslicer: Contact me via reddit PN, write me your ingame name and recieve a little gift for this story 😉 For now you all, fly safe. Jezaja PS: There will be no blogpost before September. Because of vacations and RL stuff.]]>

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