Blog Banter #65: Attributes

Update: Due RL and no time for writing Drackarn of “Sand,Cider and Spaceships” was first with an interesting concept I also imagined for the Blog Banter #65 “Attributes and Skill”. Maybe some more evaluation can be done here.
The EVE Online attribute concepts feels a bit relic and to complex for Here is an idea to make them usefull again…

Attributes are the basics in every roleplay game. They affect several skills and spells and it’s comprehensible for everyone. Intelligence mostly affects a mages manapool and adds some nice critical damage chances to his spells. Basics.
The problem for EVE is, that this complex system only effects the learning speed of your current skill. Nothing more, nothing less. In addition to this, you need a 3rd party programm to evaluate where you spend your attribute points best, to get the optimal learning speed.
While attributes are connected to skills in only this way, it comes to the logical conclusion, that they should affect skills too, or at least that they should affect gameplay mechanics.
Think about this: For best skilling speed you spent all your attribute points in 2 Attributes. It would be nice, when these two attributes not only support you in learning new things for your pewpew-adventures but that they support you also when experiencing your pewpew-adventures!

  • Intelligence: 1,5 % Bonus on CPU output of your current ship
  • Willpower: 1,5 % Bonus on Shield, Armor and Structure HP of your current ship
  • Perception: 1,5 %  Bonus on PG output of your ship
  • Charisma: 1,5 % Bonus on less broker fee, market orders and custom office fee
  • Memory: 1,5 % Bonus on damage/yield of turrets/launchers

All attribute effects should be actually not to powerful, but powerfull enough to get a clear idea what your character is going to do in the next weeks until you can remap. To be honest: I feared first, that system is going to force player to choose their role and will be blamed to be too static.
On the other hand this help a lot to specialise yourself in the later game. A carrier pilot might be interested in going for a Intelligence/Willpower skilling, while an industrialist and trader is mostly interested in a Charisma/Memory orientation.
At last the CCP Dev-team is responsible for tweaking the numbers, but I actually think, this would make attributes more interesting for players. All along with a remap possibility that comes along all 3 month, it would give more opportunities for players and will support new players on their search for “what I want to do in EVE” aswell as the old player, who want to be more specialised.

Fly safe

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