Battlement Coalition vs. CFC

Struggling with my own business in restarting and relaunching my corporation, I have time to watch the cold war in 0.0 space.There are interesting EVE politics going on. The “Battlement Coalition” is forming and rising against the CFC. Let’s see what and who is behind this David who rise against the Goliath of EVE Online….

The old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is the best summarize for the new forged coaliton, forming in against the CFC. With their staging area in Okagaiken/Black Rise the coalition is in Jumprange to special Goonsystems or adjacent forces and also in direct contact with the goon farmground in the Gallente/Caldari FW area.

Give me your names!

Leading head of the coalition is PantsuFan, CEO of Claws of Demons/The Scourge. Along with other names like Takhion / Intrepid Crossing or Lowhyres / Never Look Back they are planing “to rise against the goon dictatorship” and their plan to rule the galaxy (what they are actually doing…)

Along with some handsome names the Battlement Coalition is planing to interrupt the CFC daily business and even claim R64 moons on their own. Most of the BC members are like underdogs and it will be interesting how they will deal with their new situation and tasks.

Known Members of the coalition are:

The Scourge.
Mordus Angels
Intrepid Crossing
Negative Waves
The Serenity InitiativeAs well as some smaller allliances (Never Look Back, Evoke e.g.)  and bigplayers who will show up later in the deployment. Like Black Legion. …

Poking the big dogs…

And they’re doing fine at the moment. The first R64 POS was spotted earlier this week and brought to reinforce. In addition about 4-5 Towers are waiting to come out of reinforce mode in 6-4V20 and W-4NUU.

Just little stiches and pokes but maybe a good beginning for an ambitionous campaign.

While the wardrums beat, also propaganda is on the way to inform capsuleers all around new eden how shitty / how effective the new coalition is. But the battlereport of X-7OMU shows one interesting thing:

We’re currently watching a possible placeholder war. While the CFC “Apexforce” of Fidelas Constans is fighting against PL renters and associates. IMHO we will see the real big battle coming later this year, when the main puppeteer behind this will show his real face. I have a special name in mind, and everyone else who is reading forums or especially blogs of capsuleers and goblins* might be informed, where this war is going ;).

I’ll take my own steps to support this new coalition and even if they fail in a few month, I can say, I tried to rise against the goons. Will you join the fight?

Go and contact Takhion or  PantsuFan, and ask how YOU can support them. Take your side and fight!

So far
Jezaja o/



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  1. IMHO Battlement Coalition was doomed right in the moment when it was forged. It will only take a few weeks before they start to shoot each other and the fully holy crusade is going to struggle with a lack of motivation….

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