Bad ideas…

Let’s start one week ago. On September 15th was my 5th EVE birthday, but sadly I had no time to do something bigger as I have planned weeks before #sad . Instead of this I came up with the idea of a shiny frigate roam the next day, and Exeler0n (in a Worm) ( and other corpmembers joined my succubus. At the same time we formed on our POS, a Caldari Frigate fleet entered the system and start securing a Novice Site. In a glorious moment of self overestimation I instantly warped my entire fleet right into their arms. It turned out that THIS was a bad idea…. After reshipping into common T1 frigates I led my fleet to another direction. We found several targets, including a Caracal. I used some FC magic to catch it and my corpmates were pleased with me after the hilarious welp before….ppheeww… .


Then, yesterday, about 5 days later, I finally had time to play EVE again and due the lack of friends online I decided to solo roam. I fitted a Tristan and set destination to a far away system and start spamming my directional scan for “content”. After a few minutes a Tormentor decloaked with me at a stargate and warped to a site. Challenge accepted (and in theorie no problem for my 3500m/s KitingTristan) ! He entered the accelerationgate 1 servertick before me, and so I decided to go for it. With a incredible unhealthy heartbeat (“yolo, first solo kill for weeks, I’m awesome”) I activated the gate. “Warp drive active” Aura told me with her icelandic coldhearted emotionless voice. Then I realized what I had done. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu” As you know: Jumping on a brawler frigate with actually #notank and #kiting fit is a bad idea. A very bad idea…. I reshipped into a new Tristan and started roaming again. To calm down I decided to carebear a bit. When an awoxer joined “my” small outpost he had actually no chance. A bittersweet firstkill for this evening. Later a Daredevil jumped on grid. I activated my MWD and started getting range but…well…he was faster than me, and after a few seconds he (already half in armor) was in scramrange. I survived one more second… Bad ideas…I should stop having them. What was your last bad idea? Share them in the comments or via twitter: and #tweetfleet   Fly safe Jezaja]]>

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