….and let slip the dogs of war!

Once I was a carebear, hiding every time in the station when our corporation enters the state of war. For a long time a wardec in EVE Online was a griefing mechanic for me, just there to let guys like “Marmite” or “PIRAT” have a nice day by killing unarmend and unexperienced players, who where not interested in more player interaction than selling their minerals to the market…

Well, time has changed. I’m more in PVP than PVE now and embrace every opportunity to be an Ender-like fleet commander. My point of view has changed, and it’s me who declares war on players who try to hide in highsecurity space. But the current version of wardeccing mechanics don’t match my idea of a “Declaration of War”. There’s something wrong and many people are abusing the game mechanics, just because they can or other game mechanics cancel them. I will bring some examples about this later.
First I want to clarify that I think wardecs shouldn’t be for no purpose and get some easy kills. Wardecs in EVE should be

  • worth the 50 million ISK of fee for Concord to ignore the pew-pew
  • have a goal for attackers and defenders
  • benefit both sides

One year ago “Retribution” brought us some very ambitious new mechanics, especially the mercenary market is wonderful for the whole EVE setting. The key of an MMO is to interact with other players. While you can avoid people who don’t share your playstyle in other games, EVE is created to connect these two (PVP&PVE) playstyles. But what if people use game mechanics to avoid a “player interaction” or experience this wardec just as griefing mechanic that breaks their gameplay experience or better “expections” about EVE Online. Here is example #1:

Barking Dogs do not bite...
Barking Dogs do not bite…

Example 1: “The Victims View”
Wardecs in Highsec are mostly experienced as griefing mechanics for the “victims”. In most cases the wardeccers do not go for goals or a special purpose. They just sit in the tradehubs and wait like a spider in the web. The victim corporation was just on the wrong place on the wrong time and get’s a place on top of the “Who’s next?”-list. Most people in highsec are afraid of this and stop logging in. Some corporations die of this….

My Solution:
Wardeccing is currently a random-game. This needs to be stopped. Of course nothing is safe in EVE and I’m begging every expansion that this credo will not be given up by CCP just because people are crying for it. But being a target of a wardec should have a reason. Aswell as defending from a wardec. Give the agressor a direct goal or missions that they have to reach. Like “kill at least 10% the amount of ships that your victims corporation members has in.

Example 2: “The agressors view”
Corporation A has only one player. This corporation is wardecced by corporation B. As soon as the wardec is recieved player A from corporation just quits his corporation and creates a new one.
The reason for this wardec can be everthing, let’s say it’s not “just a griefing thing” but a real reason like interrupting your opponents industrial chains, supply of production materials or flying incursions and prevent the 11%-NPC-tax. It’s just annoying for the wardeccing corporation. There’s absolutly no way to prevent someone from this behaviour.

It’s hard to say, but here we can actually learn from World of Warcraft. To create a guild you need at least ten subscriptions for it. Why can’t we have this for EVE Online? Every corporation needs 5 interceders at the CONCORD bureau. This will not prevent one-man corporations, but it will make it harder to run away from a wardec.

So, were do we stand now? Fighting in a wardec isn’t always a noble fight between honorable man (yes, thats me getting a real sword right into my face…). Of course not. But one of the key concepts of EVE Online is the player interaction. And both sides should be forced to interact with their enemy. Those who stay docked should suffer from their fear to loose a ship; those who declare a war just for fun should pay(more than 50Mill) for their desire to kill internetspaceships and not just camp the tradehubs.
Wardeccing is a highsec mechanic which needs actually an overhaul. The concept should be more focused on the interaction between wardeccing and wardecced corporation. The passive and active part is imho currently to “sharp” and should be more “blurred” to communicate players, that wardeccing isn’t griefing and at last encourages them to stay in their corporations and maybe fight for a greater value.

Fly safe

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  1. I don’t see any game mechanic able to allow “fair” wars.
    I’ll take your corporation as an example:
    Your corporation declares war to my corporation and we are willing to defend ourself, our POCOs, our POS, our trade routes etc., assets worth several billion ISK.
    Best way to beat your corp is to destroy all of your assets in space – your POCOs, your POS, your Freighters.
    Oh… let me guess: Your corporations doesn’t offer any targets we could agress? All money making POCO, POS, haulers are in alt corps and there is nothing you put on risk with declaring war to someone? There is no way we could cut off your supplies, your ISK or anything to force you to stop the ongoing war.
    What you ask for is: While the mercenary himself is able to earn ISK in safety using alt corporations the victims shouldn’t be able to earn ISK in safety by switching corporations.
    I once got wardecced because of my POS, I was willing to fight him, got friends to join the war and as soon as the aggressor recognized we were hunting him down – he stopped logging in for one week, switching to his alts. And there was no way to do him any harm (“beat the shit out of him to teach him a lesson”).
    As long as we can have neutral alts the declaring side will always have an advantage.
    “kill at least 10% the amount of ships” – or what? What could be a punishment if they fail to achieve this goal?
    The wardeccing corporation gets disbanded by CONCORD? – They’ll create a new corp.
    They’ll have to pay additional x ISK to CONCORD? – ISK doesn’t matter, just don’t have ISK in your corporation.
    They’ll have to pay ISK to their opponent? – Just don’t have ISK in your corporation.
    They aren’t allowed to declare another war for x days? – Just jump into your alt corporation.
    They aren’t allowed to anchor structures in empire space? – They didn’t want to anyway.
    All charakters involved in declaring war will be biomassed? – Now… that would be something to create a risk. Would you take it?

    1. Of course several points are not clearly worked out. Imho specially the penalties for not achieving a wardec goal, or circumventing game mechanics by jumping between corporations are a keyfactor of this idea. Thanks for your input.
      The advantage of an agressor is always given, because they’re prepared, they’re willing to shoot something and they’re organized enough to have a steady out-of-war income. All these points are acceptable, but there’s absolutly NO reason for the wardecced “Carebear” to follow the same steps of training a PI alt, Trader, FW farmer etc. We need to stop people thinking that they can’t play the game in a wardec, just because they aren’t creative enough to adapt their gameplay in interaction with others.

  2. “As long as we can have neutral alts the declaring side will always have an advantage.”
    And what about alts on the defenders side? They also can use alts to do, whatever they want to do.
    All in all: Yeah. there problems with wardecs. But hard to identify and much harder to find solutions, without giving possibilities to use game mechanics to bypass the solutions.

  3. Trainiert ihr hier alle euer Englisch? Oder warum bloggt ein “Deutschsprachiger” auf englisch und andere “Deutschsprachige” antworten auf englisch? Das interessiert mich mehr, als die millionste WarDec-Diskussion …

    1. Weil ich gelegentlich auch nicht deutschsprachige Leser auf diesem Blog habe, schreibe ich einmal im Quartal (bzw. 4 Posts/Jahr) einen Text auf Englisch. Das gibt mir auch die Möglichkeit entsprechendes Feedback von anderen Spielern zu bekommen, die mich beispielsweise via Convo oder im TS ansprechen.
      Das “deutschprachige” Leser auf diese Posts auf Englisch antworten ist, wie ich finde, selbstverständlich und zeugt von Respekt gegenüber anderen, die sich an der Diskussion eben nicht auf Deutsch beteiligen können, mit denen wir aber die gemeinsame Sprachen “EVE” und “Englisch” sprechen.
      Wenn du möchtest kann ich dir eine deutsche Übersetzung des Artikels zukommen lassen.

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