An EVE Online CEO’s Quest – Forging a community

Your corporation is constantly growing, you’re recruiting new players every week and your members cheer each other excited like little dogs when they come online? Congratulations, you’re doing it right…
Motivation of most MMO players is to login because they want to share time with other people from their corporation or guild. Yes…it’s not the ISK, it’s not the rare officer drop or the epic loot. It’s the need and joy for social contacts.
Check yourself. After a long day of working, why are you logging in? Alternativly you may watch a TV show or read a book. But you’re logging in, to have a nice time with your spaceships friends who just tackeled an Iteron V and invited the piloted to sing for ransom.
The inner motivation of a corp is essential to forge strong bonds between players. You can watch this effect when your corporation is growing over the first “red mark” of 10 active members. Players who like each other will fly together missions or roam through Lowsec FW next door, others will avoid to share the same grid with someone they don’t like.

There are no soloplayers in EVE
Players are for only one reason in your corp. They have someone they can hook up with when they’re bored and they share the same ideals like any other member in the corp. And that’s the clue!
As CEO you don’t need to care for members who dislike each other as long as they share the same

Ted Bundy, working solo but
reliant on publicity…(c)wikipedia

ideas and ideals like you – the corporation.
History shows us, people are successfull in groups. This is why humanity exists for such a long time. And it’s nothing more as for your corporation.
The Solo-uber-l33t guy is an excerpt from this, right? I’m sure he’s not. It may look like he’s winning for a special thing, he might be richer than you, because he don’t need to share his wealth with others. But what is his motivation to log in? Just to gather more money? To solo win EVE?
They’re like serial killers, who are hoping to be noticed by someone, by placing body parts in the police departments frontyard. Their only motivation to grief, scam or betray other players is to get attraction of the community, to be famous for a few days.
They need a community, which gets excited about their epic kills (or lossmails) and will loose their motivation when noone interests for them.
Forging your corporation(or alliance) as community needs some special keys:
a) Get as many people as possible involved.

Goonswarm hierachie – I mean something like this…

Try to get a position for everyone.
Not the keypositions like “POS-Manager” or “Capital-FC”.
People should feel that they are needed for something. Give them a special role, so they see that they are needed in your corporation. Even if you find a role that is not so special, people will be happy to do what you want, when they see it’s for their corporation – they will happily do it for their corpmates.
Even camping a system…for a full week… (yes..this is a Goonswarm reference 😉 )

b) Keep it clean
This is a hard point, and in my opinion it’s a little bit risky.
Keep your corporation clean from other communities which might be “better” than yours. It’s kind of indoctrination or brainwash, and feels a bit sociopathic.
You should immediatly cut connections between your corpmates and other communities. You have a public chat for recruitment? Fine, use it for recruitment only. Don’t invite diplomats or other players to this channel.
The truth is: Most players just idle in several chats. Those who are active chatting with you in your chat are part of your community. Those who are “just there”, have no benefit for you  in this moment. They won’t talk to you on their own, and when you need them, you contact them by evemail or private convo.
So…kick them from your chats, they have a bad influence.

c) Spread it
In opposite of b) it’s also a good strategy to follow. Your corporation is special and should feel the safe heaven for all members.
A good way to show this, is sending your corpminions out to the bad world of New Eden and show them, that theree are others with stricter rules, with less morale standarts and rude relationships.
Your corporation will shine in contrast to other like a sweet warm home in a cold november evening. Trust me, it works.

d)The holy trinity: LMV

Just a star –
easy to remember and reproduce

Logo – Motto – Vision are the holy trinity of a community or a healthy corporation.
The Logo should be easy to remember or clear to identify. A star, a sympathic bee or a cool bacteriophage. THIS are the logos that matter! Not a scull combined with a unicorn and some mystic atomic symbols….

The Motto of your corporation is also important. You have a cool latin sentence? Forget it! It’s hard to remember and players with a lower education will never get it. Choose a sentence or couple of words from your native language, which is far more easier to repeat for your corpminions and also for fanboys, wardeccers or just people who click on your corp-information.

A Vision is a hard bond for your corporation. From time to time you should evaluate your goals, but make sure you always have one, even if they’re stupid…

Fly safe

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