50 Shades of Isboxer….Trade me hard – edition

While calculating my ROI from a week of station trading something very interesting catched my attention. I took a closer look and dived into the darker regions of Jita 4-4 . Screw your courage and follow me into another episode of 50 Shades of ISBoxer/Botting ….
First let’s talk about using ISboxer or other 3rd party software and using it to “play” EVE Online…ah better not, because it’s already covered by Noizygamer [Isboxer revisted: Keystrokes] [Clarification on IsBoxer], by me [giantsecurecontainer.de: war on isboxer], by a devblog of team security[Client Modification, EULA and you] and hundreds of other bloggers, people in the forums and podcasts…so no need for a new discussion here.

“He teased and touched me were I didn’t expect it…”

But some people didn’t accept this and the whole thematic break out again when DIN and Charadrass announced their retreat from incursions at the beginning of november 2015. People made fun of them in the forums and in personally it was one of my most favorite eve meta gaming moments… I was victim of a doxxing incident before when I reported and blogged about an isboxer from the german community (some of you might have recognized the VIP Area in this blog) so it feels good, to read all the people laughing about the guys I feared so much. [*insert spacehugs to the german community here*]
The same guy contacted me on my commentary about the DIN”surrender”, pretending to be someone else and asked me about the password for my latest blogpost. Again I’m really impressed how much energy people invest in being somehow “criminal” and refuse to accept the house rules. Well, back to present days. Let’s begin…
Trading in EVE works perfect when you have an overview of your money circle. Specially the EVE Online API gives us interesting opportunities to fetch transactions from the internet to a lovely Excel sheet. The special thing in the EVE Online API is, that it gives not only the exact timestamps of a transaction, but the buyers name name, too.
“Enlighten me!”
Checking me transactions I noticed that there were 6 trades in a row, by players with nearly the same name. Immediately my alarm bells rang. What’s going on here?
I checked the timestamps and realized that all transactions were progressed within seconds. Some of them at the same time, others with more delay to the initial transaction but very close in a 1 second (server) tick. A third party input broadcaster at work?

Third party software at work….

To tighten the paket I checked zkillboard and a few other ressources for these characters and found a lot of ganking kills. After a few moments of investigation, I realized that these accounts are only for fun and that there must be an origin – a main account – somewhere, which is monetizing/coordinating all this. So I dig deeper and found a character that is connected to most of the kills. In addition to this, this character is based in 0.0, so steady ISK income AND an additional possibility (except the pvp-ganking-thing) to use IsBoxer is given.(ratting)
Petition and Bot report delivered to CCP.
Thanks for reading. Report and fight botters and cheater whereever you find them!
Any doubts in this? Let me know in the comments!

Play fair and fly safe!
PS: Yeah, I’m doing it again. I like to name them in public….

8 Gedanken zu „50 Shades of Isboxer….Trade me hard – edition“

  1. You’ll find the same thing in Amarr (Harbinger, Hurricane, Myrmidom) where someone is updating multiple (up to 5) sellorders with quantity -1- within the same second to the same price.
    Not sure if it is isboxer as he had updated 3 sellorders for Harbinger AND 3 sellorders for Hurricanes within 1 second.
    Within one week he “adjusted” his tool to make some small delay between the updates but again you’ll see dozens of low quantity sellorders for one item with the same price within few seconds.
    He’s quite fast to undercut your sellorders with all of his sellorders, too.

    1. This one seems to be a market trading bot or something.
      The Isboxer in my case acted quite obvious as multiboxer, because of the characternames.
      But thanks for this hint, maybe I’ll take a look on Amarr next time!

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